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Where in the World? Part 15.

Place: Somewhere in Michigan
Song: Sly and the Family Stone, It's a Family Affair (edited)

Where in the World - Part 15. on Vimeo.

Where in the World? Part 14.

Place: Big Sur, California
Song: Klaus Badelt, Pirates of the Carribean - Curse of the Black Pearl Soundtrack
- Blood Ritual + He's a Pirate (edited medley)

Where in the World - Part 14. from Vimeo.

Where in the World? Part 13.

Place: Weber residence, Estacada, Or.
Song: Moody Blues, Tuesday Afternoon (edited)

Where in the World - Part 13. on Vimeo.

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Where in the World? Part 6.

Place: Arizona, Grand Canyon - Grand View Overlook, East Rim Drive
Song: My Morning Jacket, Wordless Chorus

Where in the World - Part 6. on Vimeo.

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Where in the World? Part 3.

Place: Clackamas River, Estacada, Or.
Song: Led Zeppelin, What Is And What Should Never Be

Where in the World - Part 3. on Vimeo.

Where in the World? Part 2.

Place: Old "Coastie House" at Mary Avenue, Seattle, Wa.
Song: Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs

Where in the World - Part 2 on Vimeo.

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Where in the World? Part 1.

Place: Bridge over Fontana River, Tennessee
Song: Pinback, Soaked (edited)

Where in the World - Part 1 on Vimeo.

Meeting great people

One of the great things about life on the road is that you meet really wonderful people like Scott Finamore from Akron Ohio. He and Sam Malaska are riding their BICYCLES across the country to California to raise money for a children's hospital. Great kids. Great cause. Check them out at

Scott, from CaliForKids on Vimeo.

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July 27th Comment

Just a short note to say that even though our trip together has now been completed, this will not bring an end to our blog site. Louie has more photos and comments to add upon returning home. Also, as time permits, we will be adding pictures, videos and things to keep the site interesting, so please stay tuned for more to follow.

July 23rd (Our Final Trip Departure Photo)

Two Coasties Back East!

Well, after 7 weeks and more than 12,000 miles we finally reached the point today where Louie and I had to part company. I took route 76 East toward Pittsburgh and then South toward home in Great Mills, Maryland. Louie took Route 80 East to meet up with an old Coast Guard mate in PA before heading to Virginia Beach, VA where his daughter Jessica will join him for the final ride South back to Umatilla Florida. Needless to say, it just wasn't the same having to travel alone after our departure.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23rd (Thurs)

Welcome to Ohio!!!

July 23rd (Thurs)

Stopped in Brighton, Michigan for a cup of coffee and short visit with Louie's friend and associate Hank Zampa. Hank is also a Harley Davidson owner.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22nd (Wed)

WE ARE IN.....??

We visited the WWII Submarine "Silversides" and the Coast Guard Cutter McLane in Muskegon, before seeing Kathy off on the "Lake Express" fast ferry boat. She is on her way across lake Michigan to Milwaukee where her sister and family members will be waiting for her arrival. She will overnight there before flying home to Orlando tomorrow. And of course we would not pass up an opportunity to stop for a photo shoot at the Amway World Headquarters in Ada, MI.
Louie drove his Harley Hog right up to the front door of the Amway Headquaters Lobby Entrance in Ada, Michigan where a few more pictures were taken. Check the blog for pics. Heavy rains and hail were experienced all the way to Lansing where we bedded for the night.

Coast Guard Cutter McLane

Also now a museum moored next to Silversides, is the 125ft. Coast Guard Cutter McLane. This class of cutter was often referred to as a "Buck and a Quarter". At the risk of dating myself, I served on a Buck and a Quarter named the"General Greene" in Gloucester, Mass. way back in 1963.

WWII submarine "Silversides"

The most decorated submarine of WWII, is now a museum located in Muskegon, Michigan. This Sub is credited with 23 vessels sunk and 15 vessels damaged.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last picture taken with the Howards in Traverse City

Charlevoix, home of the world's largest cherry pie!!

Taken on the way out of Charlevoix this morning

Taken in front of the Howard's beach front home

July 21st (Charlevoix)

There is no question that Bobby and Bonnie Howard spoiled us completely during our stay at their beautiful water front home on lake Charlevoix! And so it was very difficult for us part company with them today. After a few snap shots taken of all of us around the beach home this morning, Bobby and Bonnie joined in with us for the ride out and as far as Traverse City. You should have seen all of the looks we got from people drooling over Bobby's brand new Orange Screaming Eagle Harley Davidson!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20th "Bay Harbor, Petoskey, MI"

Louie, Bonnie Howard, Kathy, me, Bobby Howard & Capt. Hi Stover (right front)
We are currently visiting with Bobby and Bonnie Howard at their beautiful beach front home on lake Charlevoix. Today, Bobby made arrangements for us to attend a sea trial demonstration and tour of the Bay Harbor area in Petoskey, MI. The vessel, piloted by Capt. Hi Stover, is 35 ft Tiara with TPI (joy stick) maneuvering controls.

"Judy's Restaurant, Charlevoix, MI"

This is probably the best kept secret in Charlevoix!!! Don't miss this place if you value great food at a reasonable cost.

July 17th (Late Entry), Kenosha, WI

Donna Buzzell (Kathy's sister) and her husband Bruce welcomed us to their home for a two day visit. Grandpa Vitkus (Kathy's 96 year old father and WWII Marine Corp. Veteran)... wanted to "get a feel for the Harley", so, we dressed him up for the task, and after a bit of an effort, he climbed up on the Harley for a picture.

"Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw"

We stopped in Macinaw city for a tour of the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw, which is now a museum open to the public. After a normal tour of the vessel, we met Bill Baunman (Engine Man) on board Cutter Mackinaw for three seasons back in 1949, 50 & 51. Bill was kind enough to take us old Coasties back aboard for a full "Cooks Tour" of the ship where we got to see many more things not open to the public.
Me, Kathy, Louie & Bill Baunman

The nick nack rack in my room upon departure"

"The nick nack rack in my room on arrival"

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July 19th (Sun)

WE ARE IN....??


We bid farewell to Vince and Judy and headed North to the top of Wisconsin and into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We overnighted at the North Shore Motor Inn in Manistique, Upper Peninsula. Each room was decorated with different animals. My room was decorated with over 35 individual little bears, and you will never guess who we ran into there??

July 18th (Sat)


Friday, July 17, 2009

July 16th (Thurs)

I AM IN....??
Visiting close friends Vince and Judy and their grandson Garret. Vince was stationed with me on the Coast Guard Cutter Modoc in Coos Bay, Oregon more than 40 years ago!
Louie stayed in Kenosha awaiting wife Kathy's arrival today. They will spend another day in Kenosha before biking up to Two Rivers on Sat. morning. Kathy will be joining us for a few days while continuing our journey around the top of Wisconsin and down the coast of Michigan.

July 15th (Wed)

WE ARE IN...??
Arrived in Kenosha and overnighted at the home of Louie's Inlaws (Bruce and Donna).
(Photo and blog note still pending)

July 14th (Tues)

Probably the saddest day of the whole trip. Somewhere between Mitchell and Sioux Falls, SD, our mascot "Bear" jumped off the back of Louie's bike and disappeared! We did not find him missing until we reached the Minnesota border! We back tracked and searched over 150 miles of Interstate 90 and failed to locate him.
"bear" had logged over 10,000 miles with us and so it was not easy for us to part with him. We eventually continued on Eastward to Rochester, MN where we stopped for the night.

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th (Mon)

WE ARE IN...??


East bound 283 miles on Interstate 90 across the the bad lands of South Dakota. Not much to see apart from 1000 highway sign advertisements for some place called Wall Drug?? Curiosity won out and we stopped to see what all the hype was about?? To learn what we found out about Wall Drug, just surf the internet under (History of Wall Drug, South Dakota) and always remember, "Never forget your dreams".

Coast Guard Brothers - Trip Video

Throughout the trip, we've taken footage of our travels with our helmet-mounted camera. Since the audio track of this footage is mostly screeching wind, we've compiled a montage of footage set to the Bruce Springsteen song "Blood Brothers".

Use headphones if you got 'em. Enjoy!

Technical note - the video is hosted at Vimeo, and streamed through this blog. Depending on your connection speed, it is possible for the streaming to lag playback - in this case the video will appear to stop. If this happens, simply pause the video long enough for the streaming to get ahead of the playback, then resume play.

You can also download the video in MP4 format at Vimeo. Simply create a free Vimeo account and you'll have access to the MP4 version of the video. This way you'll have the full original video stored on your computer where you can play it locally and/or upload to iPod, cell phone or DVD. Look for the "Downloads" link in the bottom-right corner of the Vimeo page.

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July 12th (Sun)

WE ARE IN.....??


Departed Wyoming and crossed into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Visited the Crazy Horse Monument and Mt Rushmore on the way to Sturgis (Motorcycle City USA!!). We both agree that the Crazy Horse Monument and especially the story behind the making of the monument, was at the top of the list of wonderful things we saw today.

July 12th (Sun) "Sturgis"

July 12th (Sun) "Mt. Rushmore"

July 12th (Sun) "Crazy Horse Monument"

July 11th (Sat) "TEN SLEEP"

WE ARE IN.....??
Approx. 350 miles today from Riverton, WY to Newcastle WY.
Stops on the way included the Hot Springs in Thermopolis, WY, and the town of Ten Sleep, WY. The hot springs are claimed locally as the largest in the world? The name Ten Sleeps is an Indian name orginating as the place of Ten Sleeps between a base camp on the Platte River and another place at Clark's Fork River near present day Bridger, Montana.
40 years ago, this vehicle would probably have been our escort through town.

July 11th (Sat) Thermopolis Hot Springs

The swinging bridge at Termopolis Hot Springs. The bridge was orignally built in 1916, condemed in 1992 & restored in 1993.
And we found that it does indeed SWING!

July 11th (Sat) Thermopolis Hot Springs

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July 9th (Thurs)

WE ARE IN...??
Traveled well over 100 miles inside Yellowstone Park today. A vast wilderness with wild life everywhere! We saw Deer, Elk heards, Bison (beside the roads!) and then right at dusk we saw a Grissly Bear almost too close to the road, if you know what I mean??
After Yellowstone, we passed through the Grand Teton National Park area on the way South to Jackson. Arrived Jackson around 9:30 PM!



One of Yellowstone's many sulphur pools

On the way to Yellowstone

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bear with his Uncle "Big Bear"

July 8th (Wed)

WE ARE IN....??


A pretty ordinary day for us today. More rain storms during which we simply headed South, to better striking range of Yellowstone Park, tomorrow.

However, today for our mascot (a.k.a. "Bear") was something special indeed! You can imagine the look on Bear's face when we unexpectedly ran into his long lost family, right in the middle of the Guest Inn lobby at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Bear was beside himself totally but we did manage to snap a couple of pictures of their reunion.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7th (Tues.)

WE ARE IN...??

Great Falls, MT

Did the Glacier National Park today. Incredible beauty and narrow mountain roads with 2000 ft drop offs only inches away at times. This place simply must be experienced to be fully appreciated.
From Glacier, we headed South through Browning (Blackfoot Indian territory). Finally stopped in Great Falls where we found wonderful accommodations at the Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Browning, MT

July 6th (LIBBY DAM)

WE ARE IN....??


Rained out most of the day. Stopped at the Libby Dam on the way to Glacier National Park. Arrival too late to complete tour of the park. Overnight in Kalispell.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5th

WE ARE IN...??


Departed Rathdrum Idaho with Wally Kline in company as our guide. Biked along several rivers and lakes in Idaho, before passing into Montana and on to the town of Libby. Low milage this date was due to a failed bike throttle cable. As luck would have it, there was a marina a short distance away and we manage to make temporary repairs until we get back into civilization again.

July 5th (Kootnai Falls, Montana)

July 4th with Wally Kline (center) a.k.a. SPUD!

Fire Works Show

Fire Works Show